Buyers Info

Online Registration

In order to bid on auctions or purchase items online, you must have a MotoMansion account. Registration is free. You must be at least 18 years old. You will be required to choose a username (nickname/handle) with a password. You will be sent a unique verification code to complete registration. Once your account is verified, you’re ready to go.

Understanding the Online Bidding Process

All items are sold to the highest bidder. Your bid is your contract with the seller. Once you bid, it cannot be retracted.
MotoMansion uses a proxy bidding system. Bids are automatically entered on behalf of the bidder for the lowest amount required to win the item.

Understanding the “Buy It Now” Process

Once you click “Buy It Now” you have agreed to purchase the product immediately.

Privacy - is my information safe?

MotoMansion only uses your information for purposes related to ensuring you have a safe and secure online experience. You will only be contacted by MotoMansion. MotoMansion does not share your personal information with third parties.

Have a Question Regarding an Item?

You can click the 'Ask a Question' button located on every auction to contact the seller directly regarding any questions you may have.  

Sale Completion and Payment Timelines

After the auction ends, we allow the buyer 5 days to pay for their items. For none payment we will mark the buyers account and their account may be suspended.

Methods of Payment

You can pay for your items online with PayPal and all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  Please note: All items must be paid immediately upon purchase. Items and invoices that are not paid within 72 hours could result in account suspension.